St. Paul Information

St. Paul Information St. Paul shares renown with Minneapolis in Minnesota, but St. Paul has its unique attractions. The bustling city of nearly 300,000 people sits near the confluence of the mighty Mississippi and the Minnesota rivers, so it is natural to think of all the ways that water may be enjoyed for sport. For instance, in the wintertime St. Paul plays host to the famous Winter Carnival, a tradition dating to 1886 when a New York reporter insulted St. Paul as “another Siberia.” St. Paul citizens took that ball and ran with it to create a delightful annual celebration that includes ice sculptures, a treasure hunt, winter activities like bobsledding, and even the creation of a sparkling ice palace.

Let’s move along to St. Paul’s status as state capital, and take in the sight of the Capitol Building that has the world’s second-largest unsupported marble dome, second only to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Minnesota’s motto of “The Star of the North” stands out symbolically as the large star directly under the apex. As long as you’re admiring monumental architecture, visit the James J. Hill House overlooking the Mississippi and downtown St. Paul, a commanding view befitting the 1891 lumber tycoon’s status as the “Empire Builder.”

Now that you’ve absorbed the majesty of St. Paul’s history, let’s see how contemporary attractions stand up in comparison. Sports fans everywhere flock to the Xcel Energy Center, the home of ice hockey team Minnesota Wild and box lacrosse team Minnesota Swarm. Each year, more than 1.7 million fans cheer their favorite teams or enjoy world-class celebrity talent in over 150 sports and entertainment events. Located in St. Paul’s downtown with easy access to local restaurants, the multi-purpose arena is even more user-friendly to fans, because the arena’s Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Club offers premier restaurant and bar service right near Section C4 in “The X.” There are more casual concessions, as well.

Aftrer enjoying a sports event, stroll through Landmark Plaza and become a child again at the tribute to Charles Schultz. Bronze statues of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucky, Linus, and Woodstock insinuate their charm throughout the plaza as they observe, play, and relax along with you. Your day of exploring St. Paul is over, but there is another day coming tomorrow.