Target Center Parking and Directions

The best place to park is in the ABC Ramps. You can reach these convenient ramps from numerous entrances off Minneapolis city streets, as well as directly from freeways 94 and 394 (coming into downtown from the western suburbs). Plus, they’re connected by Skyway to Target Center.

From the North:
Take 35W south to the Washington Avenue Exit. Turn right onto Washington Avenue. Take a left onto 1st Avenue North. Take a right on 5th Street and proceed into the B Ramp, or turn right again onto 2nd Ave. North to enter the C Ramp. (If Washington Avenue is your route home, Ramp C is your best bet.)

From the South:
Take 35W north to the Downtown Exits and follow the 5th Avenue Exit. Take a left on either 7th Street (and go straight to the A Ramp) or 5th Street (and go straight to the B Ramp).

From the East:
Take 94 West to the 11th Street Exit. Follow 11th Street to Hennepin Avenue and turn right. Turn left on 9th Street. Turn right on 2nd Avenue to the A, B or C Ramp.

From the West:
Take 394 East and exit directly into Ramp A, B or C. Or take 94 East to the northbound 4th Street Exit. Take right onto 1st Avenue North. Turn right on 5th Street or 7th Street and proceed into Ramp A, B or C.