Progressive Field Parking and Directions

Parking at Progressive Field
Progressive Field is a short walk from most of Cleveland’s downtown garages and surface parking lots, and it is estimated that more than 30,000 parking spaces are available for most Ballpark events. With an average of 2.5 persons per car, this means that the available spaces within a 15-minute walk are more than enough to accommodate all the fans attending simultaneous sellout events at Progressive Field and Gund Arena. In order to avoid getting stuck in traffic created by vehicles and pedestrians near Progressive Field, choose an access route which avoids streets bordering the Ballpark (Ontario, East 9th, Carnegie, Huron and Prospect), find a parking garage or surface lot a few blocks away, and walk.

From the East
Take I-90/Rt. 2 west; follow signs to Downtown, remain on Rt. 2 as I-90 curves away to left; exit at E. 9th St.; left on E. 9th south to area parking.

East Alternates:
Continue on Rt. 2 past E. 9th Street; exit at W. 3rd Street; left on W. 3rd to area parking. Stay on 1-90 to Prospect Avenue west; right on Prospect west to area parking.

From the West
Take I-90/Rt. 2 East or west Shoreway from Lakewood; continue across Main Ave. bridge; exit right on W. 6th St. to area parking.

From the South
Take I-77 north; take E. 9th St. exit; follow signs to either E. 9th St. north or Ontario St. north to area parking.

South Alternate:
Take the E 22nd. Street/E. 14th Street Exit and stay on E. 22nd, E. 18th Street or E. 14th North to area parking.

From the Southwest
Take I-71 north to Inner Belt merge; continue on Inner Belt (I-90) to either Ontario St. or E. 9th St.; exit right onto Ontario north or E. 9th north to Ballpark area parking.