Columbus Information

Columbus Information Ohio is known as a football mecca, and the OSU Buckeyes’ 2015 national championship supports this claim. Many fans recognize the Horseshoe stadium on TV and in photos, and it’s even more impressive inside the real thing. Buckeye mania lives.

Another fine sports venue is the Nationwide Arena, home of the Columbus Blue Jackets professional hockey team. The arena is surrounded by clubs, bars and a movie theater. It is in the Arena District, naturally, and very close to Huntington Park and the Lifestyle Community Pavilion. Baseball games and concerts take place in these facilities, so the Arena District is just loaded with entertainment. It’s about a mile and a half south of the OSU campus.

Continuing south, German Village is just below downtown Columbus. Historic homes abound, and shops and boutiques have a great variety of interesting wares. Restaurants offer burgers, German food and haute cuisine, depending on where you are in the village. The pastries have no calories after a pleasant walk around the neighborhood.

The Franklin Park Conservatory is about two miles east of Broad and High Streets, the commonly accepted center of Columbus’s downtown. Go out Broad Street and it’s on the right. Plants, weird and fabulous, butterflies coming out of their cocoons and Chihuly glass are intriguing in their presentations. The Ohio Statehouse is on the corner of Broad and Third Streets for those interested in political, historical and governmental kinds of information. If you’re downtown, it’s easy to take a look.

A drive to the far north of downtown will take visitors to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Jack Hanna, star of David Letterman animal visits, has brought fame and great exhibits to the zoo over the years. It is well worth seeing, especially if there are children to entertain. The swimming pool and amusement park, called Jungle Jack’s Landing, will add hours of fun for the kids.

Easton Town Center offers shopping on a grand scale, including Tiffany’s, Henry Bendel, Michael Kors, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Godiva Chocolates among others. The list of restaurants is exhausting and so many different ethnic cuisines are available, there must be something for everyone. Organic, chain and upscale dining establishments provide other menu options as well. Yes, it is east of downtown but also north; okay, it’s northeast of downtown.

These attractions are just a few sightseeing possibilities in Columbus, OH. Start here and then see the rest.