Parking and Directions at the MTS Centre

The MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Canada, is on Portage Avenue in the city’s downtown area. Downtown Winnipeg is a vibrant neighborhood. Over 80 development projects have been planned for the area since 2001. Many of these have been completed.

The MTS Centre opened in 2004. Directions to this entertainment and sports centre include options for traveling by car or taking public transportation.

People who are traveling to the center from the west will take the Trans-Canada Highway 1 East. It turns into Portage Avenue. Those coming from the east will take the Trans-Canada Highway 1 West. The highway will change names frequently as the driver approaches the MTS Centre. It becomes Fermor Avenue, Dunkirk Drive, Osborne Street and then Memorial Boulevard. Drivers will take Memorial Boulevard to Portage Avenue and turn right.

Drivers coming from the south need to take Highway 75 north. This highway turns into Pembina Highway, Donald Street and then Smith Street. Drivers will turn left on to Portage Street from Smith Street.

Those traveling from the north will take the Perimeter Highway, turn south on Main Street and then turn right on Portage Avenue.

The MTS Centre is about four and half miles from Winnipeg International Airport. Travelers who drive from the airport to the Centre will go east on Wellington Avenue, make a right on King Edward, turn left on Ellice Avenue, turn right on Donald Street and take Donald to Portage Avenue.

Winnipeg Transit has 18 bus routes that will take people to and from the majority of events at the MTS Centre. Other bus routes provide transportation to some events at the centre.

Hotels less than half a mile from the MTS Centre include the Fairmont, the Radisson and the Holiday Inn. Three museums are less than a mile from the centre.