FedEx Forum Parking and Directions

FedExForum offers 1,500 parking spaces in the five-level attached Ford Parking Garage. There are two entrances to the garage, both on Linden Avenue between Third and Fourth Streets. Parking is sold on a season basis for Memphis Grizzlies games and Memphis Tigers games. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis for non-basketball events at FedExForum. Parking rates are set based on the type of event being held at FedExForum.

North from I-55
Drive NORTH on I-55
Exit EAST on E.H. Crump Blvd.
Turn NORTH on Third Street to arena-area parking

South from I-40
Drive WEST on I-40
Exit SOUTH on Danny Thomas
Turn WEST on Linden Avenue to arena-area parking

West from Midtown I-240
Drive NORTH on Midtown I-240
Exit RIGHT to Lamar
Turn LEFT on Lamar
Turn RIGHT on Somerville and follow curve left to Linden Avenue to arena-area parking

West from I-240 via Sam Cooper
Drive NORTH on I-240 near I-40 interchange
Exit LEFT on Sam Cooper Blvd
Follow Sam Cooper WEST until it dead-ends at East Parkway
Turn LEFT on East Parkway
Turn RIGHT on Poplar
Follow Poplar WEST to Second Street
Turn LEFT on Second Street and follow to arena-area parking

East from I-40
Drive EAST on I-40 across Memphis-Arkansas Bridge
Exit RIGHT on Riverside Drive or Front Street
Follow SOUTH to Union Avenue or Beale Street
Turn LEFT on Union or Beale and follow to arena-area parking

East from I-55
Drive EAST on I-55 across Hernando DeSoto Bridge
Exit to Riverside Drive NORTH
Turn RIGHT on Beale Street or Union Avenue to arena-area parking