Detroit Information

Detroit Information Detroit, MI is more than just a place that sees a lot of snow in the winter. It is often called the Automotive Capitol of the country as there are several car manufacturers that call the city home. This is the place where the first car was made in 1896. Detroit is also where the first road was paved in 1901. Motown is a sound that has come from Detroit. Potato chips are consumed more in this city than any other in the country. The city is also known for the first fizzy drink. One of the claims to fame is that it’s the only city where you can look to the South and see Canada. Detroit has the only floating post office.

While there are many fun facts about Detroit, there are also some attractions that are ideal for families, couples and those who are alone while visiting the city. Since it’s one of the most populated cities in the United States, you are sure to run into someone who you can strike up a conversation with. The Eastern Market is home to several vendors that sell handmade items. This is also one of the largest food markets. Enjoy a day at Belle Isle. There is plenty of room to run around while playing catch or other fun games. You can even relax on Hipster Beach. There are several bars in the area, including Baker’s Keyboard Lounge. The lounge has jazz performers through the week, and the food served is delicious. Comerica Park is home to the Detroit Tigers. This is the Major League Baseball team in Detroit. There are special events that take place during some of the games and at the park through the year.

Greenfield Village is an area you need to visit if you like history. This is a part of Detroit where most of the historical buildings and cemeteries are located. The Detroit Derby Girls are a team you should see if you enjoy watching racing on rollerblades. When it comes to food at the end of a long day, Slows BBQ is definitely a place where you should visit. The meat is slow cooked, giving it a smoky flavor. When the meat is done, it’s so tender that it falls apart as soon as you cut it, making you want to continue eating while there’s food on your plate. There are several theaters in the city as well as many other establishments that will bring creativity to your visit.