Milwaukee Information

Milwaukee Information Taste-test some of the local micro-brews; take a brewery tour. There are several micro breweries in Milwaukee, as well as the famed Miller Brewing Company. Dine in some of the city’s wonderful ethnic restaurants. While Milwaukee has a reputation for excellent German food, there are a number of great restaurants that won’t break your budget. Depending on your tastes, you can find great Chinese, Thai, German, Italian, and Middle Eastern cuisine, just to name a few.

Summer Feast always runs for over a weeks and includes 4th of July. There is always one night set aside for fireworks, though never the 4th of July as to not compete with other local displays. Your Summer Feast experience greatly depends upon the group of people who go with you and what you enjoy. I have found that a large group is not much fun, as no one seems to agree, and you end up doing next to nothing. Perhaps my few experiences like this have turned me off Summer Feast, but there are many people who just love it.

Fun World is the place to go in the middle of winter, when anyone is complaining of cabin fever. It is best described as an all-in-one indoor play experience. Fun World may not be the most creative name, but at least it’s accurate! The biggest part of Fun World, and easily the least used, is the Ferris wheel. It is full-sized and indoors, which makes is slightly less fun than its outdoor counterpart.