Montreal Information

Montreal Information Montreal is located in the Canadian province of Quebec. The city, which is one of the largest in Canada, sits on the Island of Montreal. This gives the city beautiful views of the water that rival any major city in North America. Montreal is known throughout the world as a center for French culture. Over half of its residents speak both French and English, and it is the largest concentration of people who speak French as their primary language outside of Paris.

Montreal is a city that has everything a tourist could ever want. The Notre-Dame Basilica and Montreal Botanical Gardens are must-visits for those looking for interesting and cheap activities fit for the whole family. For those who enjoy hiking, there is the stunning Laurentian Mountains. There are also several bike tours scattered throughout the city. For first time visitors, there are over a dozen sightseeing tours that cover the city’s rich history and culture. These tours can also be walked without a guide at your own pace. It is highly unlikely you’ll be able to fit everything in, but you’ll be planning to do those things next trip once you fall in love with this Canadian gem.

You better come hungry when you come to Montreal because it is a true foodie’s paradise. There are seven different food tours that take patrons to some of the best restaurants in Canada. Some of these tours include stops at Canadian microbreweries, which is a treat for any beer enthusiast. There are also specific beer tasting tours if you want to dive deeper into Montreal’s craft beer culture. If you want to get the flavor of the local delicacies, then check out the Jean-Talon market. You will find basic local produce, but the real treat is interacting with locals. The Atwater market is also another option. Practice introductory French so you can get the full cultural experience.

The Belle Centre is one of the biggest attractions Montreal has to offer. During hockey season this is home to the Montreal Canadians, who are regularly one of the best teams in the NHL. This is a city that is extremely passionate about hockey, so it offers a surreal experience when the Canadians are chasing the Stanley Cup.

If you plan on traveling to Canada, then Montreal, Quebec should be the top city on your list. From families to sports fans, there is something for everyone to love.