Parking Availability
There are approximately 12,000 parking spaces distributed among 15 numbered lots at AT&T Stadium. In addition, there are nearly 12,000 parking spaces in the lettered lots around the Texas Rangers Ballpark that will be used on game day.

Designated Lot
If you have purchased parking in advance for the game, you will have a pass for a designated lot. The parking pass is valid only for the lot designated on the pass.

Directional Signs
As you approach the stadium, there will be additional highway, street and electronic message signs directing you along your route and to your parking lot entrance.

Directed Parking
Once you enter your lot, you will be directed into a parking spot. By following the direction of the parking staff you will get parked quickly and safely. A parking pass is valid for one (1) spot and parking spots are for vehicles only. If you want to park near a friend, you must have parking passes for the same lot and arrive together. Parking spots cannot be reserved or saved for guests arriving at a later time.

Parking Spots are for Vehicles Only
Parking spots are for vehicles only. Drive aisles must remain clear at all times. No items (coolers, tents, tables, chairs, etc.) of any kind may be placed on the ground behind, in front of or around parked vehicles. These items are permitted only in designated tailgating spaces.

Tailgating Spaces
Tailgating is permitted in designated tailgating spaces only. These spaces are on the perimeter of each parking lot and have a grassy area immediately behind the vehicle parking spot. There are tailgating spaces in every lot. Tailgating spaces are available on a first come/first served basis. Guests parked in a designated tailgating space must restrict their use of the grass to the space behind their vehicle. You may not spread out and use the grass area behind other tailgating parking spaces.

Bus Parking
All buses will be allowed to park in Lot 15 only. All other lots are for standard size vehicles only (Lot 14 is for RVs and oversized vehicles). A Bus parking pass is required.

Accessible/Disabled Parking
Accessible parking spaces are available in each lot and are issued on a first come/first served basis. You must have a parking pass for that designated lot and a state-issued person with disabilities plate or placard to park in an accessible parking space. Violators will be subject to citation and possible revocation of season parking privileges.

Accessibility Shuttle Service
Shuttle service for guests with disabilities and mobility limitations is available from each of the Cowboys parking lots to the stadium. Shuttle service is also available following events. So that this service may be offered in a timely manner to all who need it, accessibility shuttles are limited to the guests needing the service and one companion. Accessibility Shuttle Tents are located near Entries A, D, J, and G.

Passenger Drop-Off Zones
There are two passenger drop-off zones at the stadium. One is located on the north side off of Randol Mill Road in Lot 1 and one located on the south side off of Cowboys Way in Lot 6. Due to post game traffic, these areas may not be accessible for pick up. A guest may pick up another guest at Cowboys Way and Collins Street located at the end of the West Plaza. Guests may use the Accessibility Shuttle serving all AT&T Stadium parking lots.