Amway Center Directions and Parking

Orlando, Florida’s Amway Center is one of the most attractive and technologically sophisticated sporting venues in the entire country.

With a seating capacity up to 20,000, this jewel of downtown Orlando hosts a variety of events, ranging from concerts, to Orlando Magic basketball games, to indoor football, to professional wrestling, to the recently-held NBA All-Star game.

This architecturally stunning arena is also conveniently located. Situated near the intersection of Interstate 4 and the Spessard L. Holland Expressway, (Highway 408), the Amway Center is easily accessible from every part of Orlando.

Those arriving from the North should follow I-4 to Anderson Street (Exit 82B). You will turn right on Anderson, followed by a right on Division Street. You’ll see the Amway Center up roughly 500 feet on your right.

Drivers coming from South Orlando should take I-4 North, and get off at South Street (also Exit 82B), where you will continue for a ways before taking a left on Church Street. You’ll see the Amway Center on your left.

Those of you headed to Amway Center from points East or West will find yourselves on FL-408. Eastbound drivers will want to merge onto Carter Street at Exit 9, where they’ll then make a left at S. Orange Blossom, (also called Highway 92), followed by a right on W. Church Street. Keep going on W. Church Street, as the Amway Center is less than a mile ahead.

Similarly, westbound drivers will want to get off at exit 11A. This exit path leads to South Street. Go left on South Street, past the underpass, where you’ll see the Amway Center on your right.

A combination of exciting events, beautiful attractions like the Sky Bar, and numerous festive bars and restaurants in the vicinity make the Amway Center a destination in its own right.